New Secondary 1 & 2 Express Chinese wordlist (New Textbook)


Do you have a word list done before? No, then you are lucky as All my students have to do a word list on their own with their understanding of the words and later this book is going to be their daily revision material. This wordlist has to be easy for the students to read and understand, so they do not have to learn new words while learning this “new word”. After so many years, I finally decided to write a wordlist for students using the above mentioned ways so you have the New Secondary 1 & 2 Express Chinese wordlist (New Textbook). As new textbook and new examination format is coming for secondary 1 and 2, Vocabulary is vital to learning Chinese and scoring in it. I hope you will buy this wordlist and study 3-5 words daily so that you will build a strong foundation in Chinese not only for examination also for your working life.
Mr Tan