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In Primary 4 he was scoring 45 to 49 out of 100. In primary 5 he can achieve 49.5/100. And in PSLE He passed with an C. Now he is in Secondary 1 and he got B3. Nothing is impossible.

– Mr Tan LM

Studying is like sailing against the current: a boat must forge ahead or it will be swept downstream.

– Old Chinese Saying.

There are 4 areas of Chinese PSLE skills that requires students’ attention

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Word lists from PSLE (Primary 5 and Primary 6) and Sec 1 to 3 Express Chinese vocabulary available here:

Secondary 3 Express Chinese Word list for New 2023 Textbook

Simple tool to help students master sec 3 Chinese Express G3 vocabulary.


New Secondary 1 & 2 Express Chinese wordlist (New Textbook)

Do you have a word list done before? No, then you are lucky as All my students have to do a word list on their own with their understanding of the words and later this book is going to be their daily revision material. This wordlist has to be easy for the students to read and understand, so they do not have to learn new words while learning this “new word”. After so many years, I finally decided to write a wordlist for students using the above mentioned ways so you have the New Secondary 1 & 2 Express Chinese wordlist (New Textbook). As new textbook and new examination format is coming for secondary 1 and 2, Vocabulary is vital to learning Chinese and scoring in it. I hope you will buy this wordlist and study 3-5 words daily so that you will build a strong foundation in Chinese not only for examination also for your working life.


PSLE Chinese Oral guide eBook

This guide book will consists of three major parts:-
A) Why and How to study for your PSLE Chinese Language part 3.
B) 7 Topics common to Oral Conversation with answer script.
C) **Past year oral topics from 2017 to 2021 with answer scripts. You can get the topics easily but none will share with you the questions likely asked and the possible answers to them.


New Word List for Primary 5 and 6 New Primary Chinese textbook

every year, all my pupils have to compile a list of words into exercise books to carry everyday for studying those words. So I think why not create such a word list for the convenience of all pupils.
Two years ago, my student A took the pain to complete primary 5 and 6 word list, studied it everyday (3 words a day). He started with 49.5 in primary 5 SA2, and Passed with a C in PSLE. it took him like 1.5 years to obtain that almost impossible pass.
Now I have compiled the word list from the new textbooks for primary 5 and 6 and your child can focus on those words to score.