How to memorize and recite long Chinese texts?

第一,一句读完,闭眼读一篇,不看原文再读一遍。然后试着最后背出来。 First memorize sentence by sentence. 第二,把全文,一句一句背一遍。 next, recite one sentnece after the next until the end of passage. 第三,接着,一句接一句背一遍。(一定要理解意思才有用。) Then connect sentences from first to last, one sentence at a time. 第四,整篇背一遍。(记得要对照原文,圈出错误,一一改正。) recite the whole text, and check for errors with the original script. 最后,对着手机读一遍,才正式录朗读。 recite once then you can record your recitation in …

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Knowledge and Vocabulary is Key to Reading Comprehension especially in PSLE Chinese Language

Parents have always think that their children cannot read the passage and/or their children cannot understand the passage thereby their children cannot score in Comprehension. The fact is their children did not have the Vocabulary and the topical knowledge to understand the passage, full stop. And the solution is just to build their vocabulary and expand their knowledge.

How to score in PSLE Chinese with a clear aim and daily 20 minutes work?

I suggest students to read every word in your textbook and check understanding of every word. By doing that students will build a understanding of their ability. And by knowing your words you can know your chances of scoring an A in PSLE Chinese: The more words you don’t understand especially those must read, must write words, the lower your chances are. OR