Comprehension notes

How to start preparation for PSLE in future?

Firstly, do the vocabulary study 3-5 words a day, for at least 3 months consistently. And read a page of Chinese composition book or article or Chinese storybook. While writing a diary paragraph everyday. Try to stick to One topic One paragraph and try to at least write 5 good phrasal phrase or chengyu or …

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PSLE Chinese Wordlists for student by students: why I wrote the wordlist

When I was teaching my pupils, I discovered that they are not familiar with the words in the textbook and lack vocabulary, so I lead them to write out all the words in every chapter in the textbook (new textbook) in a notebook. I standardize the format of writing and make it into a exercise to revise all the words in the primary 5 and 6 textbook daily. In 3 months time One can complete the 500-600 words in p5 to p6 and I let the pupil read any 3 pages daily after that testing a few times to make sure they follow through the daily reading.


文章 父母一个一个去世,马来兄弟,阿都拉和艾兹曼近年觉受到了邻居对他们的关爱,深受感动。他们决定每年农历新年购买新年装饰来点缀他们屋外的走廊。他们把走廊变成一个“新年走廊”,各种各样新年装饰物使得走廊焕然一新。邻居们非常喜欢。 阿都拉说父亲2020年过世,他们在姐姐家暂住。结果邻居不止帮他们给屋外的花草浇水,还把走廊打扫得干干净净,一尘不染。他们回家后很是感动就觉得回报邻居的一片善心。他们就开始在农历新年时,把走廊打扮一番,充满了新春节庆的气氛,以迎接新年的来临。 “远亲不如近邻”,后来他们的母亲离世,他们很少煮饭,邻居就会送来饭菜与他们共享。他们觉得邻居的及时雨令他们非常感动。 新年走廊不但温暖了他们的邻居,也让新春的气息接近了这座组屋的无数居民。 问题 1,马来兄弟为什么要打造“新春走廊”? 2,邻居为兄弟俩做了什么感动了他们? 3,“远亲不如近邻”,你同意吗?为什么?(5分) 4,你和邻居的关系怎么样?邻居有帮助过你吗?写一写邻居帮助你的经过。 写一个四句话的故事(主题是邻居有帮助你) 你怎么回答?请留言。

Updated 4 Steps to excel PSLE Chinese from 2022 onwards! (version 2023)

Step 1 study vocabulary of the textbooks in primary 5 to 6 daily, and revise weekly.

Step 2 Read up on all the good compositions and study their writing methods, then start to write something everyday.

Step 3 Study the scripts for all the topics for your oral examinations and read them out daily. try to take note of the important words and phrases in every topics. try to speak word in the scripts with relevant sentences naturally without hesitation.

Step 4 Ace the comprehension by reading stories and understand the plots and hidden agenda. read widely so that you get used to all kinds of expression and their hidden meaning. Then study the PSLE Comprehension questions and you will see they are mostly direct response questions and some higher order thinking questions. And learn to answer questions with relevant techniques.

How to win The PSLE Chinese Language Examination in 12 months?

The 4 (optional +1) steps to build a strong foundation for PSLE Chinese Language. Students who want to learn to pass or score their PSLE Chinese Language need just a strong belief that they can do it. Yes the journey starts with a BELIEF! If one do not believe they will not achieve anything. Step …

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Do you read questions or passage first when you answer comprehension questions?

Most people would logically read the passage and then the questions and solve each questions in order, but there are several ways to do this when you have certain constraints:- When you do not read texts quickly, then I suggest you read questions first and search the passage for the answers.When you often misread questions, …

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以下是回答以上问题常见的答案:- 孝顺长辈 xiào shùn zhang bei Filial 聪明 cōng míng Smart 勤劳 qín láo Hardworking 诚实 chéng shí Honest 坚持不懈 jiān chí bu xie Persevere 乐观 lè guān Positive 负责任 fù zé rèn Responsible 有礼貌 yǒu lǐ mào Well mannered 有公德心 yǒu gōng dé xīn Civic-minded 尊重他人 zūn zhòng tā rén Respect others 乐于助人 lè …

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Knowledge and Vocabulary is Key to Reading Comprehension especially in PSLE Chinese Language

Parents have always think that their children cannot read the passage and/or their children cannot understand the passage thereby their children cannot score in Comprehension. The fact is their children did not have the Vocabulary and the topical knowledge to understand the passage, full stop. And the solution is just to build their vocabulary and expand their knowledge.