Why do pupils not do well for PSLE Chinese Comprehension?

Students don’t do well in comprehension due to the reasons below (most of the time):-

1, lack of vocabulary to even read the whole text,

2, cannot understand text due to lack of reading experience. = cannot understand logic of writer.

3, cannot read and/or understand question and their answering techniques.

4, negative mindset blocks all information about comprehension.

Find the cause and apply solution accordingly.

if lack of vocabulary, study words

If lack of reading experience, go read a compo every day.

If don’t know what teacher ask, read and understand questions and their answering technique.

If negative mindset, replace with some positive ones.

The six levels of Chinese comprehension



1. 复述/记忆:这件事在什么时候/地点发生? Direct questions

2.解释/阐述:文中“一条长龙”指的是什么? vocabulary questions

3. 组织/重整应用:那位先生愿意帮助老婆婆,从哪里可以看出?reorganisation questions

4. 伸展/分析/综合:这个故事告诉我们什么道理? analytical questions

5. 评价:你同意老婆婆的做法吗?为什么? value judgemental questions

6. 创造: 你能从自己的生活举一个例子说明你是如何克服困难吗? creative questions.

Most questions are in level 1 and 2. about 2-3 questions are from level 3-6.