How to use my PSLE Chinese primary 5 and primary 6 Chinese wordlist effectively and build a strong foundation in Chinese Language?


Since 2017, I have gotten to realised that in order to help my students up their PSLE Chinese results, I need to first improve their Vocabulary and to do that I  made my students write down their wordlist from primary 4 onwards and study that notebook themselves daily. Their result shown was that the marks goes from borderline failure in Chinese (30-49 marks) to above 50 (PASS) in 6-12 months. Many parents and parents from my Facebook group had followed this simple way of supervising their child to study 3-5 words and had their child improve their grade. Then I wrote the word list for PSLE Chinese using the words from the new “huanle huoban” textbook and tested those words with current students and their reaction is that this wordlist is very easy to understand and very convenient to study.


Can it achieve an improvement in results earlier than 6 months?

OF cause you can but you need to study 6-10 words (double the effort) daily without fail! in another words, It the student’s effort that counts.

Can I not study the wordlist daily?

Well, you can but the results will be greatly reduced so you had to maybe study longer than 12 months to see results. In another word, laziness does not produce results.

What if I study daily, will I see results in 6 months?

There is no “what if” or maybe or IF, you study daily you get result in 6-12 months’ time.

You don’t study daily; you don’t get result in 12 months or later.

YOU determine the result.

How to buy the word list?

Those who want to buy the primary 5 to 6 Chinese Wordlist (New textbook) you can now use paynow and grabpay, you can use the link below to do that.

New Word List for Primary 5 and 6 New Primary Chinese textbook
*this link is by reputable payment merchant so its not scam or harmful.
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