How to score full marks in Chinese spellings from p1 to p5?

PSLE Chinese study notes.

This is a special way to study and get full mark in chinese spelling, and its based on attention span of students.

1, check the spelling list for next spelling. avoid wrong list to study and you are a winner already.

2, for words, take first word, study the strokes and write 5 times, then cover up the word and test writing the word out. do it one word at a time, you can skip those words you knew and would not get wrong.

3, study all the words in the list and write down the pinyin on a piece of white paper or fools scape paper.

4, using the hanyu pinyin, write down the words besides the hanyu pinyin. then check if all the words a correct.

* you can use pencil if you want to retest yourself every day.

5, before the spelling, you must restudy every word again and retest at least once. Make sure you have full mark.

Test this method once and once you get the hang of it, you will increase the speed of learning so much that 30 minutes is enough for spelling.

My student’s fastest record is 10 minutes for a 20 word, 10 sentnces spelling with 100 marks.