How to start preparation for PSLE in future?

Firstly, do the vocabulary study 3-5 words a day, for at least 3 months consistently.

And read a page of Chinese composition book or article or Chinese storybook.

While writing a diary paragraph everyday. Try to stick to One topic One paragraph and try to at least write 5 good phrasal phrase or chengyu or analogy (bi yu).

Using the MCQ (question 1 to 25) from test papers to test weekly, and those tests can be repeated to boost confidence.

Study the oral scripts and practice daily one question at a time.

In short if you want to do more daily, do the following everyday:-

1, vocabulary study 3-5 words.

2, Read a page of composition

3, write a paragraph with a topic.

4, practice 1 question from oral script until can smoothly read it out.

5, test vocabulary weekly with q1-25 in test paper from p5-p6 or psle papers.