Three important things parents need to teach their children

Parental education starts at the young age because whatever the parent taught them will be with them for life, so parents should do the three things to help their children ace their life:-
1, Honesty as in being honest with one’s life and words. One who do not honor promises and words would not be trusted after a few tries, remember the story of the “wolf is coming”. I taught my young ones this lesson by being punctual and always honor one words. Yes the is a attitude towards life whereby cheats and fakes are ok, I tell my young ones you will be among cheats and fakes if you are one, so you will never be in peace with yourself.
2, Work ethics such as hardworking, self motivation, goal oriented and winning mindset are essential to a uncertainty future as those quality help your young ones cope with unexpected changes and do well even if future is uncertain.
3, Delayed gratification, the ability to gain satisfaction later in life so the one can gain better returns in life, it means to delay buying branded goods until they are a percentage of one’s income etc. This will help young ones realised that life is not about enjoying now while you can but delay enjoyment until one achieved greatness and handsome income.
These three merit will bring young ones to greater height in their life.

Mr Tan