My child is not getting above AL5, How to improve?

Results is the combined result of various effort so we need to get to the part to improve and use a good way to improve results. So the first step is

Step 1: Know your weakness

There are 5 areas in PSLE Chinese paper and they are:-

  • Paper 1 Composition writing: picture composition or theme composition
  • Paper 2 Section A: Vocabulary is the key here.
  • Paper 2 Section B: Comprehension is the meat.
  • Paper 3 Oral recitation and Oral Conversation really is about your confidence.
  • Paper 4 Listening Comprehension is all about How you listen and your vocabulary with comprehension but you can still win via Smart MCQ technique.

Step 2 Vocabulary: get 50/50 in Paper 2 section A!

Your vocabulary is the most important asset a child can master to ace PSLE Chinese, most fail Chinese because of lousy vocabulary and no matter how much techniques and tactics a child uses, the child without vocabulary will lose out in recognizing words, understanding phrases and comprehension. furthermore the child will not do well in oral and listening as well due to their lack of vocabulary.

The best way to beat step 2 is to learn 3-5 words everyday. Its the most time consuming and most daring move any child can do it. MOST child will fail even this step if they are not determined at all.

Step 3 Composition: get 32/40 for picture composition!

To win composition is the next easiest part to win as its all about reading and writing. Read a lot of compositions including textbooks and write a short paragraph everyday.

Step 4 Comprehension: 30/40!

There are some higher order thinking questions but a child need to know that there are at least 4 direct and easy questions that requires a child to just guess the right sentences to copy and COPY them without mistakes and one or two of them you need to paraphrase the answer a bit to get the score. SO its not hard if you have good foundation in Chinese AKA good mastery of vocabulary and comprehension.

Step 5 Oral recitation: 20/20

Oral reading is very easy to master with LOTS OF Practice.

Step 6 Oral conversation: 25/30 Know thy Topics

Last is to read up and master the 8 or more topics that school commonly practice with and practice until you know the vocabulary required for the different topics.


Knew thy vocabulary and ace your grades.