What gaming and studying can teach us about life and results?

BTW in order to understand students I do go play games they play so I really know what they play. and the take away is

1, I played games and learnt that it takes time to complete tasks……so in life you need to study hard, do tasks like homework or housework diligently so you can level up.

2, I also learnt in games that you need to sharpen your tools too to create an edge over the rest so in life you need to put in extra efforts to create an advantage for yourself.

3, even in competitive game like first person or third person shooter game or racing game or collecting coins games, Everyone is equal, even the best with very large advantage like super fast fingers will lose one way or another over a long period of time. try something long enough you will win eventually when you are skilled enough, so in the long run everyone can be skilled at winning any game even psle Chinese or o level Chinese.