Step By Step guide to Ace your PSLE Chinese Language Examinations at the end of the year!


I had a handful of students who followed the learning method outlined here for at least 1-2 years and they earned themself a pass in PSLE Chinese even though they had Failed their Chinese Language since primary 3 to 5. So passing your PSLE Chinese is A choice, any student can choose to fail and so the student can choose to pass it. PASSING PSLE CHINESE IS A CHOICE.

Role of the teacher/Parent involved

The role of the teacher or parent is to set a goal for the student and ask the student to study daily for 30 minutes to1.5 hours. Remember that the student must study something everyday and remind them to study every day on the dot. Help the student to build a habit of consistent studying.

Students must KNOW that to achieve the GRADE is their responsibility, Not that of their teachers or parents. They have to work towards their goal and achieve their goal, nobody can walk the path for them.

the consequences of not studying Chinese is very clear, the potential grade overall will drop by up to 3 grades.

eg, child have al1 for EL, Math and SCI, and AL8 for CL, then he will get AL11. however if the child worked daily, he may pass Chinese with AL6, making the AL overage grade be 9 which will help him get into a better school. so passing the Chinese paper do provide 2-3 grades improvement.

Step 1 Paper 2 Section A score 50/50

This part is All about vocabulary and the fastest way to build vocabulary is not spelling, not remembering everything or study ALL the vocabulary + not forgetting them. The above method will not work for normal students.

The best way according to my experience in teaching my students is actually to for the student to choose a fixed timing everyday, and sit down in the same place to study just 3-5 words well. Yes 3-5 words, the student need to study them with understanding is more memorable than studying 10-200 words in s short span of time. Why3-5 words, because most students will not find them a hustle to study and it will take off a lot of burden for the student.

Next after you studied the words, you need to use your own words to write down the hanyu pinyin, meaning, word-pair and a simple sentence for each word. (You can always find a word list or spelling list or ‘word’ list to study but those list are complex (Too many things to digest) or too simple (only the characters are listed), or too little information ( no word-pair, no sentences etc) or too much inoformation ( includes character-formed nouns, many situations of a character/nouns/meanings etc.

After trying lots of word lists, I developed my own word list, just enough to study smart and quick to understand. I tested all the words on that list with my students from 2018 to 2023 to make sure they can understand the words on their own. Yes the meanings are simplified and linked to the textbook context for easier studying. I updated the word list to the new textbook “huan le huo ban” in 2019.

Lots of parents and students have reflected that my word list benefits them a lot.

“I bought your P5 and 6 word list.. very helpful.. my daughter who failed in P4 managed to pass her vocabulary mcq section after using it to study for her WA.. got 20/30.”

Shirley Tan

“Dear Mr Tan,

I honestly didn’t expect to receive such good materials! We are lucky to have you to help our children in Chinese!

Thank you once again!”

Winnie Lee

Below are the word lists I’ve created for PSLE Chinese:-

get my wordlist for PSLE Chinese
Sample Page from my word list,

three features of my word list is,
1) every word has a hanyu pinyin and a easy-to-remember meaning plus comtextual word-pair and contextual sentence.
2)every word is numbered so that it is easier to study them, just use the serial numbers.
3) Primary 5 and 6 is enough to handle the vocabulary needs in PSLE Chinese Language.

Step 2 Paper 1 picture composition score 32/40

Step 3 Paper 3 Oral recitation and Conversation 40/50

Step 4 Paper 2 Section B Comprehension 25/40

Step 4A Paper 3 Listening comprehnsion