New Word List for Primary 5 and 6 New Primary Chinese textbook

Notice: The New Chinese textbook 6B are available for download too in your receipt.
Date: 22 July 2020

Every Year students who are taking PSLE had to make a personalized Chinese word list from their Primary 5 and 6 textbook to help them do their daily word study. So this year, I put my effort into creating such a word list so students can carry it to study those words everyday.

Some pupils study their spelling lists, some took their textbooks everywhere. However A dedicated word list with simple explanation and easy to study format seems lacking. spelling lists from every schools differ in their word choice and sentences, while textbooks are just too heavy to carry just for the 500-600 words. The complete 词语手册 (handbook) is very difficult to study yet complete.

And every year, all my pupils have to compile a list of words into exercise books to carry everyday for studying those words. So I think why not create such a word list for the convenience of all pupils.
Two years ago, my student A took the pain to complete primary 5 and 6 word list, studied it everyday (3 words a day). He started with 49.5 in primary 5 SA2, and Passed with a C in PSLE. it took him like 1.5 years to obtain that almost impossible pass.

Now I have compiled the word list from the new textbooks for primary 5 and 6 and your child can focus on those words to score. So why not order the books now.

SGD$25.00 only.