Essential Chinese Grammar for PSLE Chinese Language eBook


“Chinese is very hard,” some children said. And the reason is not only a lack of a good environment to study this Language. It is mainly due to the lack of understanding of the underlying Grammar rules of the language. Most Young kids learn those grammar rules via listening and speaking in a conductive environment. Now without the environment to experience the language, our kids basically lack the ways to acquire the grammar rules essential to understand the language.

“Essential Chinese Grammar for PSLE Chinese Language” is the ebook to discuss the key concepts required to understand Chinese Language. This ebook is written by a Chinese teacher and a NUS Chinese study graduate for the Chinese Language students for primary 5 and 6. The book uses Chinese, English and pictures to help students understand the key concepts in Chinese Language.

Chinese and English are both skilled based subject and Why all students only study English grammar but are not required to study Chinese Grammar. The main reason is that Grammar is hard. So I just write about the MOST important things in Chinese Grammar that a primary 6 student need to understand so that they can score in the Chinese Language Examination (PSLE).