How to score in PSLE Chinese with a clear aim and daily 20 minutes work?

The clear aim is to score an A or 85 and above percent in the PSLE Chinese Language papers. I strongly against aiming lower than this as the saying goes:-

Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.

Norman Vincent Peale

Why 20 minutes daily?

The reasons for 20 minutes daily work is to build in yourself or your children a habit, A very good habit. And impart in yourself and in them the method to build a habit — do something constantly for 10 days and you could build any habit! 20 minutes is a very short period of time, in fact its so short most students have no real reason to oppose it!

How to make full use of the 20 minutes daily?

I suggest students to read every word in your textbook and check understanding of every word. By doing that students will build a understanding of their ability. And by knowing your words you can know your chances of scoring an A in PSLE Chinese: The more words you don’t understand especially those must read, must write words, the lower your chances are. OR

The more words you know, The higher chances of you scoring an A in PSLE Chinese language!

So how many words do you know?

The forgetful you and how to overcome it?

You have to understand that everyone tends to forget things they learn a while ago even if they are adults. After one week of learning anything, most students will forget those words they learn a week ago. That’s very normal. Therefore you need to systematically revise your vocabulary or words.

Systematically revise/restudy those words is the only way to overcome forgetfulness. And systematically means that you need to study a few words from 3-7 daily in the daily 20 minutes. And you need to go through a process I called the the 7 items a times rules. ( In learning, most people will remember at most 7 things one at a time.) You need to know the words, its hanyu pinyin, its meaning in Chinese and English, its usage involving word pairs and its sentence construction rules. For example:

6B Chapter 7 we have a word called 气氛(写)qi fen : (meaning) atmosphere

(How was it used in textbook) 节日气氛浓厚very dense festival atmosphere

(how to use it in composition) 气氛紧张(intense atmosphere)、气氛融rong洽qie

(how to build a sentence with the word) 我听说有人带手机来学校,老师来我们班检查,我们班气氛紧张。

I structured the word learning in a very systematically way from word to sentences to facilitate one glance reading and understanding. Yes students no longer need to read every word to study, they just scan for information and in one glance they learnt the words because of the way the information is structured.


There is so far only one kind of students who can read a word once and never forgotten it. They are genius.

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