5 Steps to a Very good PSLE Chinese Composition without memorizing any Chinese phrases or good words. Part 2

5 Steps to a Very good PSLE Chinese Composition without memorizing any Chinese phrases or good words. Part 2

For the recap Part 1 goes through the first 3 steps:

  • Step 1, Read out composition sentences one word at a time.
  • Step 2 Good phrases/words?
  • Step 3 The stages of a composition

Now we will continue with step 4 and 5.

Step 4: The 5 senses and 4 W 1 H approach can spice up your composition

The 4 W is Who, Where, When,Why will give everyone a good idea where and when this story started. 1 H is the how for how did the story happened and how does the story builds up and how is the story be ending.

The 5 senses are your eye sight, hearing, touch sense, smell senses and sense of taste, together with feeling and thinking forms your 5 senses.

Whenever a story started, you should give details on the 4 W and 1 H, And every action you should write about the 5 senses, your feelings, your thinking, your idea. for example, In the first paragraph you should write about where, when is it, who is involved, why are they involved and how the story happened.

For every action, for example xiao ming is jumping in class, you should write about what you see, what you hear “窗外传来一阵“叽叽”的声音” , what you taste, what you smell, what you touched and describe your feeling, your thinking.

At this level you should be able to form more complex sentences than just simple sentences with linking words like 而且、因此、反而etc.

Step 5: Use of analogy and phrasal phrases

What is analogy? analogy are using a mental picture to express very deep feeling that are hard to express. for example,小文听了,惭愧地低下了头,脸红得像番茄一样。Your face don‘t turn red like tomato like this. The expression means that xiao wen is ashamed of his deeds.

Examples of analogy

  • 小姑娘的脸红彤彤的,好像一个熟透的苹果。
  • 一放学,孩子们好像那打开笼子的小鸟,一下子全飞了出去。
  • 她神色慌张,好像遇到了什么事。

What is Phrasal phrase? they are phrases that are used together to express a certain meaning. for example 十五个吊桶—七上八下means worried, anxious.


In conclusion, it is not easy to write composition and if you follow the 5 steps of very good composition, you will write better composition benefiting you.