Do not cramp lots of material to study in a few days because……

To those who think that you can, in 1-7 days time, study really hard and improve your results by a large margin, you really need to review your study plan as:-

(A) You are going to squeeze 2 years work into 1-7 days aka study 26 chapters and about 1200 words in 1-7 days! That is a LOT of information and most human brain and human memories do not work well under such condition. so you will be under a lot of stress to perform and your brain will overload its memory system quickly and shortly.

(B) You will need to stay up as long as possible in the 1-7 days therefore forgo the next important thing in life —— REST and sleep. studies by scientist have indicated that lack of sleep will lead to divided attention, lack of focus, reduction in memory retention and reduction in life quality. It will lead to impatient minds, anger and lots of negative emotions. Not to mention lack of sleep will reduce immunity too.

I know of a few students who do Last minute studies and all they faced is LOTs of stress and lack of sleep, Plus uncertainty of results. All of those negative things could be avoided if one just do something everyday like study 3-5 words everyday, read a composition everyday etc.