First time using payment links to accept paynow and the experience is very heart warming!


This Year I heard the integration of stripe with paynow so I started experiencing with the Paynow Payment links. I set it up bu 2 Jan 2023 and make sure the link, the confirmation pages are set up properly. Then I just go all out by ontroducing paynow to my site to help those who only have paynow.

The process is hard

first, some parents did not notice the confirmation page and its links, so I post notices for all to pay special attention to this issue. And I email several copies of thank you emails for those who missed the confirmation pages.

Secondly, the links asked to login google account and want access granted by me. So I opened my email account and started allowing those who are not allowed to view documents. I review the sharing properties and now the links should work as intended— not need to login or get permitted. Just click and download.

Lastly, as I think the purchase page is still lagging in functions so I will close off some functions so that you can get the things you wanted.

And I would like to thank you to all parents who kindly emailed or pmed me when there are problem in the system. And thank you for all their patience and kindness. Thank you.


Paynow is really required in Singapore ecommerce C2C and B2C space but vendors still need coding to integrate it into their system, which will cost too much. I hope as technology progress, paynow will be streamlined into modern payment system.