New Secondary Chinese Express Wordlist that helps you win examinations

New textbooks for Secondary school Chinese since 2020.

2020, New Chinese textbooks for Secondary 1 used in schools. 2021 new chinese textbooks for secondary 2 students. 2022 secondary 3 students got new textbook. The textbook focus on vocabulary closer to a students life and had lots of phrases common in a good composition. It even had a list of words (Not characters) of words required to learn for the units. And that is good.

New wordlist needs

Every year, I want my students to do a notebook for all the vocabulary that they learn in the textbook, as I think those words will help students build a solid foundation of the Chinese language, and helping them quickly recognise words. year after years, I help them build a foundation to pass PSLE and then O levels Chinese. Now the new textbook has a list of words and I see many students still read the new textbook yet never really understand the words nor revise them so their results cannot improve much. So I think lets help those students build a foundation by reading and understanding those important vocabulary in the lower secondary levels so that they can handle o levels.


I do not use traditional thinking to write this book. I am putting my mind in the shoes of the students and write every meaning as meaningful to them as possible. I do not introduce new words to explain things, I reuse old words to construct sentences. I make sentences as close to context in the textbook as close as possible so that once student read the textbook and paid attention in class for the explanation or has school notes will quickly understand the meaning and hanyu pinyin of the words. The sentence is for reading out and to build a sense of the Chinese language. Its there so that students will understand the way of thinking of sentence construct for Chinese is quite different from English and let them familiar with Chinese way of sentence construction.

I even include the ways I recommend to study this wordlist in one of the chapters so that you can follow the way of my students. BTW most of my students do their word lists and pass their examination after hours of studying and weekly revision. This is a very simple method to pass examination — study daily and revise weekly.

Conclusion : if you get the wordlist do follow the way to pass Chinese

The way of success is simple and proven but the road is full of distractions and desires. Only the determined will win the fruit of success. Good luck to all who started.