Guide to choose your secondary school courses with your PSLE AL overall grades.

How to play around with the Al grading system when you are weak in 1 subject.

assume you got 3 subjects AL1, then you have AL3 overall. and you need last subject with AL3 to get AL6. But do you need al6 to get into express? NO, the range to get in express is from 4 to 22. If you are 21-22, I strongly suggest you choose a express course for the better study environment. Now if you got al6 for Chinese as your weakest subject, you can still get in express with 9 points!!!!!! amazing!

What if you are weak in 4 subjects and passed

You have AL24, and you go normal Acad (G2). The point is you just need to improve the al grades of 2 subjects to AL5 and you can choose express again due to you are in the 21-22 range! amazing!

This is what SEAB Said in their web site

this is the cut off point for sec schools Placement Outcome PSLE Score (AL)

Express 4-20

Express / N(A) option 21-22 **if this is your option i strong suggest you choose express!

N(A) 23-24

N(A) / N(T) option 25

N(T) 26-30, with AL 7 or better in both English Language and Mathematics

The key to this post is one can choose g2 or g3 express if you get 21-22 al overall grade! this will reduce a lot stress from parents and children.

In short,

if you are 4-22, choose Express G3. study all subject G3.

if you 23-25, choose Normal acad G2 and you study all subjects G2.

If you are 26-30, you need to get AL7 in BOTH Eng and math to study G1 Technical.

Its this simple.


In conclusion, Chinese will not hinder your success at all! That’s how I read the sec school cut off point system, like my post if you thinks my idea is great!