Secondary 1,2 and 3 words lists are here for New Textbook for 2024 O levels

What’s up with 2024 O levels?

2024, the New textbook for secondary 4/5 will be out and SEAB will base their O levels on the New textbook with the new textbook, there will be a new list of words to learn which I have compiled nicely for easy reading and learning:

Secondary 1 and 2 Express Chinese wordlist.


Secondary 3 Express Chinese Wordlist

How to use the wordlist?

1, if you are taking WA tests, then make sure which chapters or units are tested and study the words for the listed chapters or units. If you are taking SA2 or prelims, then study sec 3 and 4 wordlists ( and sec 1 and 2 ones if you have extra time).

2, Always study 3-10 words daily to build up a habit and that will help one build a solid foundation of 1000-3000 words in a year easily. This path is the hard way to a pass Because the foundation you build will carry you further after o levels.

Conclusion, word lists has been the best way to learn any language especially Chinese, so learn now!