How to become a demon slayer – teaching guide to learning PSLE Chinese Part 2

The second character that leaves an impression on my mind is Zenitsu. He is the kind of student you will see quite often, who is soft and weak and are fearful of a lot of things. When they study they drafted away. And yet he is very good in ONE method and ONE stroke and that make him the pillars of demon slayers, that stroke is Thunder breathing first form.

HIs teacher is very unique as his teacher is very very patient in bring out the best in him, always encouraging him via softly knocking his head in rhythmic pattern. His teacher saw something in him that not even himself realized its with him.
His teacher only teaching him ONE method, One Breathing and ONE form because when you mastered that ONE form, you mastered all. This teaching method is very unique and if your teacher only asked you to do this one thing, he may see something you do not even realised you have. But most students give up quickly when the tasks is so boring as to do one thing everyday. Yes most will give up even if your teacher sees something you did not known about yourself because what you do not know is what you do not know.

What makes Zenitsu memorable is that he will follow what his teacher teaches and do it daily without fail, and by not giving up, He mastered the thunder breathing!
If your child is good in a lot of things, teach him ONE thing and do that one thing daily like reading a paragraph, writing a good phrase everyday. If he did not give up, he will eventually mastered the technique and be a master!

Thunder breathing sixth form