How to become a demon slayer – teaching guide to learning PSLE Chinese Part 1

Demon Slayers are becoming a known brand among students and I have to catch up to the trends so I introduced the teaching and learning of the demon slayers as I read and watch the series.

There are several styles of learning in Demon Slayers as told by their various learner aka the characters.

Tanjiro is a clever and kind child so he is very good at learning by doing. Yes his teacher will let him brave numerous traps and situations to condition him for battle. And no matter how hard the challenges are, he has never shown fear. So he is also a determined learner that is resourceful and that he can solve all the traps thrown at him.
At the end his teacher is clearly not confidant that he can cut the stone and go through the final test, but his determination and daily work finally lead him to solve the last puzzle to cut the stone, that is he mastered the breathing method by his effort alone.

In tanjiro’s trial, he has clearly mastered the water breathing, so a teacher can teach you all he can, but the student must still practice until the knowledge is sunk into his own brain. No teacher can help a student learn, only the student can learn it!

tanjiro cuts the stone which is the impossible to him until he has done it.

Yes the student has to practice and learn, and no teacher can help in this part of learning!