How to diagnose your PSLE prelim papers and pinpoint your weakness?

Shortcut to see in your own Chinese test paper p5 and above and know your weakness so you can improve on it!

1, The marks distribution and skills required

(A) paper 1 compo : 40 writing skills

(B) Paper 2 MCQ Question 1-25 : 50 Level of Vocabulary and grammar

(C) Paper 2 comprehension Question 26-40: 40 Understanding of Composition

(D) Listening Comprehension: 20 Auditory understanding of words

(E) Oral recitation : 20 (Vocal expression) + Oral conversation: 30 (Communication skills)

2, Check whether each section is above 50%, and find out why one failed in that section.

***important : Write down All the reasons of failing the various sections

3, Formulate A study schedule that one can follow for at least 3 months without fails (Unless you think failing is nice to continue!)

4, Just do it for 3 months and check results again.

I’m sure if one REALLY DO IT for 3 months, one’s result will improve.