How to pass or excel in PSLE Chinese in the coming year? read about first of the 4 steps to win PSLE.

For those taking PSLE Chinese in the following years, you can pass or excel in PSLE Chinese or continue what you do now and maintain your grade.

To pass or excel your PSLE Chinese, the first step is to get 50/50 for your vocabulary by studying the wordlist in primary 5 and 6 textbooks.

I suggest you take 30 minutes a day to study just 3 to 5 words carefully and fully understand them, furthermore you must know how to construct sentences with them. This will one build a vocabulary of 90 to 150 words in 3 months that will help one “know” some words to read well. This is one’s foundation to pass or score higher in PSLE Chinese.

I know very few student wants to build a foundation before building a high rise building, they prefer to shortcut the process by either Last minute study by burning the mid night oil or to study techniques, quick fixes like exam tactics to cover up their handicap — they cannot recoginise most words. Those ways may bring short term benefit and are entirely forgotten after exam.

I suggest students to build vocabulary as the first step to Learning Chinese because that is what helps students in the long run.