Short cut to pass your PSLE Chinese in 6 months time is to study the your textbook Word List diligently everyday.

The most effective plan to quickly improve your PSLE Chinese results from near pass (40-44) to pass (>45) is to start studying the wordlist for your level and beyond (when you have more time) as soon as possible and to make sure one studies:-

1)the word,
2)its’ meaning,
3) It’s use in a sentence and
4) How to use it to build a sentence.
Then you need to study 3-5 words a day. And in 6 months, You will see results, like the passage and the textbook passage are easier to read now, and you can read some stories now.

MOST people will give up too soon too fast and that will not change their situation, so You might as well pull through and study well for 1 year so that you can reap the results of your diligent work.

As the old saying goes, No effort equals to no results, and results need time to work its magic too.

This path is not for the weak minded or the fickle minded, its for champions like YOU.