What are the 4 steps to PSLE Success?

I will be running a program to help pupils plan for their PSLE and I will be imparting essential skills for them to plan for their Big Examination.

Step 1 Know you future!

It’s always nice to know why you do what you do now so that you know what you will get in the future.

For example, if you just pass all your subjects, that means you will get estimated t-score 150.

Then you can look for school with cut off points at 150 nearby.

And most properly at 150, you need to Normal Technical in Secondary School and you will complete N levels. then highly likely you will go ITE and do something interesting like accounting, biotech, baking etc,

You will graduate and get a job with a salary of monthly 1700.
(Compare to Poly grads at 2200 and NUS/NTU grad at 3000)

Now what is 1700 per month, it means that everyday you can spent $56.
(you could save 500-1000 if you lived with your parents. And you need to spent at least 600 for your meals too.)

When your children sees that future, they will be more intelligent and informed to make a decision about their life.

I have talked to children and guided them with this method and most will accept that they want a better life than just passing.

Next Ask your child to Name a Goal to strike for, What is the T score that they want to achieve so that they can have better lives, better schools or better classmates:

Goal T score is ______________________________

Step 2 Know your current results!

Take your Primary 5 SA2 results, and add them up, then multiply by 0.75.

that is, (EL + CL+Maths+Sci)*0.75= ____________________

This is your estimated T-score and it is your base point.

Step 3 Bridge the Gap

Take your Goal :___________

minus your P5 t score :________________

So your child needs to get ________________ points more to achieve their goal.
(If your child is on track to get their desired results, Good Work. But they still need to progress with Primary 6 work and keep track of their results.)

Another way to bridge the gap is to do the below worksheet:
Take your goal PSLE T score and divide by 3: ______________(write number on the left)
This new number is your subject goal t score.
English: __________ (above number) – ___________(subject p5 sa2 score)=_____
Chinese: __________ (above number) – ___________(subject p5 sa2 score) =_____
Maths : __________ (above number) – ___________(subject p5 sa2 score) =_____
Science: __________ (above number) – ___________(subject p5 sa2 score) =_____
The last number in each subject is the subject gap to bridge.

Step 4 Track your progress

Every examination, your children should check their results with the goal t-score or the subject t-scores.
Then work your children’s way to their success

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