PSLE Drilling for Chinese

If you are getting your child Past year School paper, Then you need to get this right

Familiar with textbook and word lists first

First, if your children are not familiar with the word lists in primary 5 and 6, just do reading and listening of textbooks and word list. Until they can recognize most words then let them do section A first. part by part. Then continue to do sect A in 40 minutes. Time training is important too.

Then do complete the sentence

Second, do the section B complete the sentence section only. explain and understand. read more best compositions and talk about the story lines.

Next Do Comprehension 1 with Email completion

Third do the comprehension 1 section first, master the email section too.
(this section just requires you to pick up essential when/where/what/who/how from the passage.)

Lastly do comprehension slowly

Lastly, comprehension question by question. understand the context and the meanings behind the lines first.

Drill is for people who can do well in exam to develop time control and accurate in answering. It’s not for someone who is not highly trained in language skills. if one is not strong in Chinese Language, drill only adds misery.