How to do well in PSLE Chinese Language paper 2 Section A?

3 steps to full marks in PSLE Chinese Paper 2 Section A 50/50

This section is the easiest one to score high 50/50 but it requires a lot of study and study requires tactics.

1) You need to get the primary 5 and 6 new edition Chinese textbook, and study the words in the chapters. 
You need to study the words, the writing, the hanyu pinyin, Chinese meaning, the English meaning and lastly the common word pairs of the words. Furthermore, you need to be able to form sentences with the words.

This is my Book, and it has a comprehensive word list for primary 5 and 6

2) Study tactics one: Do only a few words everyday and by 3 months you studied 700 words. 
When you study a few words, do not accumulate. Always study a few new words everyday. You need to understand that no one can do anything more then seven things a day.
“Short-term memory lasts for a very brief time and can only hold 7 +/- 2 pieces of information at once.”

3) study tactics 2: revise 1 or 2 words everyday and you revised 200 words in 3 months.
If you want to revise, then setup a 20 minutes time frame and do 3-7 word revision. Do not mix study and revision.
To help long term memory, remember to take the words and create a interesting story associating the elements in the word.

“Let them play with Chinese words and phrases. Play creates good memories and enhances learning. using parts and sides, let pupils go into text book and find as many words based on parts or sides. let them compete for best finders’ award. (good for primary schools) find word pairs, find cheng yu that started with certain words etc, make sure the process is fun. “