3 steps to scoring in PSLE Chinese! Hard?

The 3 steps to scoring in PSLE Chinese?

1) Do something Chinese everyday!

You can study 3 words each chapter from Primary 5 to 6 textbook, by knowing their word formation, their hanyu pinyin, their word pair (aka 配词), and how to use them in sentences via 造句. This helps in the overall word recognition and builds vocabulary necessary for all papers. Best if you read the words 7 times and write them 7 times. 7 is the magic number to remember things and repeat it enough times for long term memory.

Primary 6 word list available in this book

2) Read a good paragraph for any Chinese book or Composition book everyday and try to memorize them. Reading is not a good way to study, memorizing and dictation is better. But memorizing and applying them in compo is even better! Application of knowledge can help make boring things interesting.

3) read aloud the textbook passages everyday, this exercise builds a sense of language which is lacking in most students.

Read aloud to parents, speak more too.

In Conclusion, I hope you learn something – do something Chinese Everyday will help you improve your grades…..REALLY!


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