What to prepare for PSLE Oral?

There are 3 things to prepare for PSLE Oral for Chinese language, that is recitation practice, video observation and theme preparation

Hint: Most schools have oral material/booklets for their students, if your school does not prepare such things, please ask around for a copy.

recitation practice
Even if you got full marks for Recitation in your school, you still need to improve on expression, variation of tones, accurate pronunciation of each words and pacing of reading.
PSLE recitation is looking at the technical skills of thousands of students so even if your school give you full mark here still does not mean you are best among all schools.

video observation
Video tells a story and gives you a theme to tell about but there is a lot of small details that could be helpful to you and your understanding of the whole story. So be ready to re-watch the video again and again to figure out the story.
The caption at the first minute of the video is a direct giveaway to the theme of the video so make sure you know it by heart by going over it a few times until you know the theme.
Most videos are divided by scenes and you need to go over the scene one by one and relate it to the theme of the video.
This will help you answer the first question, “What did you see in the video that interested you?”

theme preparation
Next we come to the theme, first you need to read up on the theme, its background, common phrases and useful sentences.
Best is you prepare a script accordingly when you are preparing and improve your script as you learn more of the theme.
Some common theme to study:
1) responsibility
2) Honesty
3) Courtesy
4) Think in others shoes
5) Healthy lifestyle
6) Environmental protection

you need to know what stories to tell for each theme for question 2 and 3:
Q2, What did you or your friends have done to show your care for the theme?
Q3, How to your school/community/parents could do to encourage their young to show they care for those themes?

In conclusion, you need to master your themes and recitation to score.