2023 updated Chinese approved Edictionary round Up for PSLE and O levels examinations.


This year is 2023 and we have a few eDictionary having a updated version. So now we are going to see what those eDictionary are up to.

The top 4 offers for eDictionary for Chinese examination this year is:-

1, Creative PX2201 (5 inch and 7 inch)

PX2201 7 inch

1a, Px2201 7 Inch

This dictionary has a huge screen and a good handwriting area to boost.

The 7 inch px2201 is bigger than iPhone 14 plus and looks nice.

1b, PX2201 5 inch

A smaller version of the px2201 7 inch, the screen is still Huge.

PX2201 5 inch

2, Besta All Pass S2 (if you like COLOUR)

Besta’s latest offering features :-

  • Full Touch Screen + Handwriting Recognition
  • 72,000+ Entries, 80,000+ Examples
  • Use AA Batteries Easy to replace during exams
  • Tone Function for Pinyin Input
  • Stroke Order Animation
  • Search Unknown Characters using ? or *
Besta All Pass S2

3, PX2181

This is the latest dictionary for the normal or light users. Its screen is like the older models of creative edictionary.

Compare PX2131 and Px2181.

5. Besta All Pass 6

Besta All pass 6 is similiar to the older model All Pass 3.


I do not know what are your requirements, most student would settle for PX2181 or All pass 6 for practical purposes, but if you like BIG SCREEN, than the px2201 and Besta All Pass S2 is huge. So it depends on what do you want to use the device for.

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