How do I study for Chinese Language in my PSLE examination?

There are many ways to study for PSLE Chinese language and I think its best to start with improving your vocabulary in Chinese. The more words in Chinese you know the stronger is your foundation.

The first thing to do is actually to set your goal and know your expectations. Goals are the things you desire to achieve with Chinese language in PSLE. IF you never set a goal, you will not have the resolution to achieve it. like when you are shooting an arrow, without an target board, the arrow is going no where.

GOAL:( ) write down your goal now.

The second thing to know is to know your current situation. Most of the time, without any effort to improve, YOU WILL GET THE RESULT YOU ACHIEVE NOW, no more no less, but maybe the worse will happen because you did not continue with the effort to study shortly after this session.

How much I score in AL grade last year SA2: AL( ) write down your last SA2 AL grade.

the third thing to do is to PLAN your way to your GOAL. How are you going to achieve your goal and what you will be doing everyday from NOW. Yes you must DO NOW and DO everyday something to finally ending with the AL grade you desire, aka your goal!

Do nothing, end with nothing changed!

Fourth step is know My plan which is in 4 steps:

STEP 1, study word list and know all the words from primary 5 and 6 textbook like the back of one’s hand, know how to read, how their meanings in Chinese and English, and know how to construct sentences with them. DO 3-5 words every day and every day spent about 30 minutes on knowing the 3-5 words.

What could stop me? First, the steps are very similar and most pupils will give up in 1 month or so days. Do note that boring things get things done, doing things differently will never get knowledge into your brain, like you do math today, science, another day, writing next, listening next, vocabulary next and in the end of 1 week, NONE will remind in your brain. Why? because your effort is not on a daily basis. You will not build habit and strong habit is the best tool for learning anything, even Chinese.

Second is 30 minutes is too short, Well 30 minutes is there to build habits and train your mind to do something on a constant time so slowly it will transform into a learning machine. most pupils cannot consistently follow a schedule so most will fail anyway.

The goal of STEP 1 is to achieve paper 2 section A 50/50 full marks, then continue to step 2.

STEP 2, continue later