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Why study wordlist and what its advantage?

Secondary Express Chinese sec 1 and sec 2 Wordlist

Wordlist is the key to vocabulary and vocabulary is the key to language learning. how did you know your English is bad, you have bad vocab! same thing when you discover your Chinese is bad, you have bad vocabulary.

Wordlist is the systematic way to build vocabulary without much effort, just do it everyday, like study 3-5 words everyday, and truly understand them to use them. it builds habit too.

Do it quickly improve results like in 3 months studying wordlists?
NO, this is not a quick fix, its build foundation in your Chinese which you will benefit even after sec 1 and 2. normally with 6 months of diligent study, you will see improvements. not big ones but great ones like you will “read” smoother and fluently than before and your comprehension is better for passages too.

So sec 1 and 2 is the best time to build a foundation for O level Chinese starting by studying wordlist for new huawen banwoxin textbooks.

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