Chinese Language in PSLE gets harder and harder as you want to achieve better AL grades

The Fact about scoring in PSLE Chinese.

In PSLE, Chinese language is actually 4 tests, each test tests the skill level of the students and give them a mark. then the marks are added to make up the total mark which would be converted to its AL Grade.

Then 4 subject AL grade would be added together for the overall AL grade for a student.

By understanding this process, you need to know that all the 4 skills:- reading, writing, conversation and listening are IMPORTANT!

How to pass PSLE Chinese?

NOTE: you just need to ace paper 2’s first 25 questions with 50/90 to pass paper 2. And pass Paper 1 with enough vocabulary and reading (most got 20-24/40). then most students can ace their oral tests with 32-40/50 marks easily. lastly is listening comprehension which most scores about 10-14 marks. So an average student who works hard should get about 112-128/200 easily which is about AL6 -AL5! indeed passing is not hard IF you work hard on your vocabulary!

*The 4 steps is build on understanding of the system, and testing with my previous batches of students. IF you diligently do your wordlist everyday, passing is not hard.

using reverse thinking, if you cannot even ace your paper 2 first 25 questions then with that kind of vocabulary you will meet with huge mountains and tall building to conquer. OF cause your task is hard, you forgot to train your Vocabulary WING to help you fly high!


I agree with your comments. But the difficulty increases exponentially when trying to up from 70 to 80 to 90. The work put in to increase from 70 to 80 is so much more than to up the score from 50 to 60.

The first step to Passing PSLE Chinese

building foundation in 1 year is not easy but not impossible And the thing is “Are you willing to put in the effort to do it daily?”

1, 3-5 words a day = 300-500 words at end of jun. 600-1000 words by end of oct.

2, read a sentence a day and understand the meaning.

3, write a sentence a day.

Then you would get about AL6, just pass your PSLE Chinese.

How to get AL3,4,5?

to get better than AL5, you need to look into which is your weakest link and work on improving them.

Step 1 vocabulary at 50/50 is basic.

Step 2 composition at 32-36/40 is basic.

Step 3 oral: recitation full mark 20/20 and conversation at 20-25/30 isnbasic.

Step 4 paper 2 section B at 30/40.

then you are at 157-161/200 which is AL4 – AL3.

How to achieve AL1 or AL2?

At AL1-2, you are looking at

paper 1 36/40

paper 2 81/90

paper 3 45/50

LC 18/20

total 180/200 (which is 90) AL1.

What is the things you need to achieve the grade yo want in PSLE CHinese?

The goal is clear, You have to work towards it, if you think its hard, it is HARD and you will not make it. If you think its manageable, you will manage it and get it.

So what are you thinking? Hard or manageable?

if you advise you child to go for AL1, you need to persuade you child to change his/her mindset. doing the same thing and expecting an different and better outcome is not how things work.

if your child says hard, tell them lets do 3-5 words a day revision for a start. and insist on it. you will not hear the word “hard” ever again from their mouth.

Conclusion: Start small and dream BIG.

In conclusion, Dream big and start small everyday. And then one day you will reach your goal.