The step by step guide to writing one good Chinese composition

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

If your child or yourself hates composition, understand that its because your child or you lack confidence in vocabulary, sentences building and Chinese grammar. and the short cut is to do the following steps, one step by a time.

1, writing start with reading and comprehension and vocabulary. take your textbook and read every chapter, then cover the book and use the ideas in the chapter to write a similar essay. DO that for one month and cover the primary 5 and 6 textbooks.

2, Then study the wordlist in the textbook and read them daily. do self spelling by reading it, cover and write, the check for correctness.

3, Then study the textbook and write down all the GOOD sentences and study them diligently. compile a list of good sentences from the primary 5 and 6 textbooks. and read them daily.

4, Lastly take out the past year paper 1 and use all the knowledge and write the picture composition question in a Chinese writing paper. ask your teacher to grade it. then next week do the same thing. If you do not improve then you need to go to point 1 and start again.

Good luck!