Do you read questions or passage first when you answer comprehension questions?

Most people would logically read the passage and then the questions and solve each questions in order, but there are several ways to do this when you have certain constraints:-

When you do not read texts quickly, then I suggest you read questions first and search the passage for the answers.
When you often misread questions, then read the questions in part and understand the questions first.
When you often quote answers from passage, reread the passage to understand first then phrase the answer according to the questions. (For Higher order thinking questions)
When you often read the passage and miss some of the details, reread the passage every time you looked at the questions and double check your answer.
When you cannot find the answer, then read the questions a few times before going to the passage to find answers.
When you cannot understand the questions, highlight the key words like “Why”, “What”, “How” etc and search the passage for the lines that has the key words in the question. Then guess and check whether the answer in in front or behind the line.

There are always ways to answer the comprehension questions correctly, and feel free to find a way that suits you.