Four steps to pass your psle Chinese language papers.

My plan for pupils to take PSLE Chinese and pass it, is very simple.

1, Study 3-5 words daily from primary 5 and primary 6 textbooks and use past years paper from school to tackle questions 1 – 25. Obtain beyond 44/50 marks.

Vocabulary is key to study any examination especially that of languages, It is the foundation for any language study. The longer your list of vocabulary in Chinese, the stronger your foundation you have for Chinese language. This foundation helps you as you can instant recognize words and identify unknown ones with logic using deduction. The more vocabulary you helps you read complex passages easily and let you understand the author’s intention which helps your comprehension indirectly. as long as you know the words of the author, you can reasonably find out the intention of the author easily. And huge vocabulary is the main cause of high marks in composition as you can vary your vocabulary according to the situation and sentence structure. You will not be limited to common phrases used by most students and you can create more expressive terms to impress your markers.

2, Study one composition a week and write a compo a week till compo is 32/40.

There are two phrases in composition writing, 1, learning the ropes from excellence compositions and articles. 2, then write your feelings into the compositions. Students often think writing is hard and writing is hard work. Did you know all work is hard work, not just writing? So you are doing a disservice to your work ethic if you do not want to write just because it’s Hard! What I learnt in life is if you want to stop your lousy life, do the hard things first. Once you conquer the hard things like writing, nothing is hard anymore.

First thing you need to master in composition is to write a complete story with a interesting storyline. Second thing you wan to do is to minimize your error in misspellings and grammar in composition. Then you can study the use of similes and other expressive terms. and maybe use complex sentence structure with connectors gracefully.

3, Study 1 topic a week and familiarize with the terms used in oral examinations and the 3 common questions asked. Then study the answer and answering those questions like the back of your hand.

In oral examinations, there are about 7 to 8 important general topics such as 品德(帮助别人、互助、被协助、诚实、有礼貌等),环保(再循环、再利用、减少浪费),公德心(乱丢垃圾、涂鸦,归还碗碟),邻里关系(互相照顾、守望相助),健康生活(健康饮食、运动强身),友情(维系友谊),清洁环境(责任、花园城市)等。

4, Do one comprehension a week until your can read the passage and understand the passage easily so that you know how to answer the three kinds of comprehension questions effectively.

The key to passing PSLE Chinese Language is daily revision and building a strong vocabulary to handle the words in examination.