Why and How to improve your PSLE Chinese grades?

If your children is not interested to learn Chinese because they are not good at it, Just tell them most graduates from universities DO NOT find a job related to their field of study so interest and work is not related at all. That’s life. IF your children wants good grades in PSLE, then they MUST study Chinese. Full stop (That’s the FACT) because Chinese is One of the major components of PSLE Grade!

*BTW no matter how great your maths result is, you will not be using most of what you learnt in maths in your life too, as life could make do with very simple addition/subtraction/multiplication and division.

Furthmore, If you want your children to improve their Chinese so that their PSLE overall grade will improve then you need to tell them to do the TWO things below:-

1, Their grade in Chinese drop DOES DECREASES their PSLE grade! And that will reduce their options in school choice!

in another words, if they continue to not want to learn Chinese, they may have to face lowered PSLE grade and less Choices in their secondary schools.

(of cause They may DSA to choice school but they will be stuck in ONE CCA in secondary school with promises of Champion and high intensity training every week. There is always tradeoffs in life.)

2, They could improve their vocabulary by studying 3-5 words daily and reading a paragraph a day from the best compositions.