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What is different in 2020?

2020, We will have NEW 《欢乐伙伴》 (HLHB) for primary 6 textbooks and workbooks. So present primary 6 textbooks, materials (except composition, oral, comprehension) are going to be outdated by 2020.

Xuele, the complementary flash website for HYHB is available at .
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The 3 things to do to get the A you deserve in your PSLE Chinese Language.

PSLE is a milestone for your child to achieve something and they deserve better scores, don’t they?

Well, results are the things you see when your child has put in effort to do something everyday to get it…….and mindset is the key to getting those results. So :

Results is the direct result of daily effort aka Habits, that are determined by one’s mindset.
1) In order to get the A your child deserve, they must first Setup their mindset correctly, setup their values correctly.

Objective, step by step, daily work, hardworking, focus on work first then play…….these are the needed value and views for a successful student and CEO (in their future).

2) Then you need to analyse the tasks, prioritise them and break them down to daily tasks. This job may not be easy as you need to know the examination format inside out.

3) The child need to make sure they do their task daily and focused. To study, one needs to understand and repeat. “Boring” or “busy” are not words for successful people.

To supervise your child is very hard but necessary, but to take step 2 would need someone who really knows the examination requirements.

I have a Facebook group which set out to help parents:

One child this year is very active and tends to talk about every topic unrelated to Chinese. He scored 60-70 (grade B) in SA1 which is quite good but his parents thinks he can do better as he had scored high 80s for all his other subjects. When I take him up for lessons, I did a goal setting session to help him understand what is his current situation and find out his ambitions. So I plotted a path for him to do and mapped his study, I even point out to him what is the best way to study Chinese and What to focus his attention on.

The child quickly saw the need to score in Chinese and got to know how to best study for it. He worked hard and recently got 80+ overall for his Chinese prelims. that’s a jump of 1 grade and his parents are very pleased.

The Child Got a A in PSLE and he was very pleased to have upped 1 grade and landed in a school of his liking.

Every child is different but I want to work with parents who are determined to let their child be successful in PSLE Chinese, and children who wants to get the best score they can in PSLE Chinese and invests in their future.

and lets get money out of the way……so that I can help you child score higher. I charge $45 per hour.

We can setup a session to talk to your child. This is where I will talk to your child, determine their objective and their level of commitment. Their passion and their vision, their future. I will guide them so they can see their vision. I will clear their mental negativity as needed so they don’t fall under negative environment.

I will help them map out the path to success from now to their PSLE day.

SMS or Whatsapp 9479  zero 187 with your name and your child’s level for a free chat.
(Do Not Call as I do not answer unfamiliar calls. Thank You.)

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