Should I revise my primary 4 to 6 words for PSLE?

The Short answer is YES, but that would be a very hard work. In fact PSLE expects a child to revise all primary 1 to 6 words which is not easy at all

So How much to revise for PSLE?

Well you should at least revise Primary 5 and 6 words and be very familiar with the word pairs and word usage, even the hanyu pinyin of those words.
And when you have extra time, then you revise words from primary 4, then primary 1 o 3.

Why do you revise words for PSLE daily?

I also suggest parents and students to study 1-7 words daily, and the earlier you start, the better. because when you start earlier, you study more words.

If one student starts revising 1 word daily, in one year the student would revised 365 words or almost (about 80%) all of what you learnt in primary 5. so 2 words a day would see one student revising primary 4 words.

every one forgets something everyday, any student would forgot most of what they learn in a week. Constant revising helps the student repeating helps them reinforce their knowledge of Chinese words. This is what builds the foundation for Chinese Language.

How to revise Chinese words in textbooks.

Start with primary 5 chapter 1, read aloud the words at the bottom of the textbook from left to right.

write down the words in a note book one by one, for every word,

write down their hanyu pinyin,

write down the meaning in English and Chinese (You can simplify those Chinese meaning) and

form a sentence with the words.
(studies have shown if one practices or applies what they learnt, they are bound to rememeber the words better and longer.)

Do students need to do anymore than revising a few words daily?

Yes, students need to take the note book and read those notes that they take every day when they are free. Because practice makes prefect, daily revising and daily rereading will build up the vocabulary of the student slowly. which will help them in PSLE examinations.

How to improve paper 1, paper 2 and oral in PSLE Chinese language?

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What if I have questions?

You can contact Mr Tan at mrtansg@ or sms/whatsapp 9479 zero 187 with your name and questions. Thank you for reading.