PSLE 2020 is 10 months away!

Holiday is here but it will not stay as PSLE 2020 is just round the corner.

This year I have seen students gain 1-2 grade above their expectation and because of this improvement, their PSLE results (t-score) have improved and they are very happy about it.

Chinese Language is part of your PSLE results and sink it in. If you have the right mindset and motivation, then you have a chance to pass or excel in your Chinese Language and improve your PSLE result.

The 3 keys to improvement in your PSLE Chinese language is very simple:-

1, Get the right motivation and mindset to success. The right Motivation and mindset fuel success.

2, Up your confidence with the right learning methodology and memory techniques from latest scientific research.

3, Create new habits to boost your Chinese skills and knowledge. Building the foundation would help you success all the way to “O” level.

This methodology is proven time and again, and it requires success mindset and good habits which I will train you. This training could help you be successful in all your subjects too.

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