How to Score full mark in PSLE Chinese Language Paper 2 Section A word usage in 3 months?

In The PSLE Chinese Language paper, The fastest way to start scoring high in it is to achieve a 50/50 in part A of paper 2. This process will build a very strong foundation in children and help them score in the other parts of the papers. But first thing first, I found that the mindset of the child will determine the results greatly. Another factor is the participation and mindset of the parent.

Parents play a large part in the child’s winning mindset

I had a parent who in her mind do not believed that her child will score full marks for any paper in Chinese Language and so her child has this limiting belief. And I had another parent who thinks he knows all about his child that even his child is so disorganized in her work and that she did not even does her work, this parent thinks that is her nature and teachers should not change it. So I could not help their child at all, as whatever I did in an hour, it got destroyed in a minute by the parent’s mindset.

If you want your child to be successful, you have to to be able to see the possibility of your child being successful. Not a dream but you need to see your child doing handwork, studying, having a focus mental state and revising their work daily. Harvest do not just land in your lap, You have to work for it.

The Child need to part their part too!

Children who are interested only in their games and friends, tend to not think for the future at all. They may not even have a dream or an idol. So If your child is like this then you need to interrupt your child’s behavior and build some good habits and good mindset into their brain before those thinking become permanent. Children who are doing well in schools tend to have consistent studying habit, focused on getting their aim.

Goal setting: Full mark for PSLE Chinese Paper 2 Section A!

I know its a daring aim and so what. if you are going to score in PSLE Chinese, you have to at least be able to score a full mark right? Why not start with this target: Score full mark for PSLE Chinese Paper 2 section A. Its just 25 questions all MCQ, so it’s as easy as ABC.

How to your child know All these words and phrases and sentences?

Well the answer is a lot simpler, All those words and sentences are from those words in your textbook, coloured and most properly appeared in your spelling lists too. They are the same words in your ciyu shouce (The textbook handbook) too.

So how to score full marks in section A?

The answer is very easy, You need to do five things daily for 30-45 minutes a day, And you need a specially crafted word list that was build for this very purpose. I know that are special word lists by various teachers and some could be useful for studying. but this word list is fitted to this way of studying as it is based on brain research, memory research and Chinese Grammar.

  1. memory worked that best if there are less than 7 items.
  2. short term memory works best if the item is associative.
  3. long term memory works best if the impression is vivid.
  4. Daily revision is the best cure for forgetfulness.
  5. Chinese grammar rules work well when words are learnt in nouns and word pairs.
  6. PSLE words must be learn in context not default selected dictionary meaning.

Where do we get the word list?

I always asked all my students to write a copy for themselves and all have completed their copies now for 6A in the new textbook. So they just study 3-5 words systematically every day. Those word list follow specific guidelines different from a spelling list or shou ce (handbook). Spelling list are either just words and composition sentences, while shou ce uses characters not words and explained the characters carefully.

This year, with the introduction of the new huanle huoban Primary 6A textbook, I have written a complimentary unique word list using the new textbook for all students studying PSLE Chinese Language to score full marks for Paper 2 section A. The ebook will teach parents how to use this ebook effectively in teaching your children. This ebook will be helpful to all Standard Chinese Language students and alike. Please click the picture to buy the new word list for new textbook 5A, 5B and 6A. 6B would be emailed to you late July.

jian yao zi ci bi ji
Simplified word list notes
new textbook chinese wordlist

So in conclusion, you need a good mindset for both parents and children together with this new word list to help your children score full marks in their PSLE Chinese Paper 2 section A. for more information on the other parts of PSLE Chinese you can read the following:



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Stay Safe and Continue studying!