No Matter what the doctor told you about your child, Every Child has the potential to Achieve great things even if you do not believe it!

The story starts……

Last year, I helped a child overcome all odds to pass his PSLE Chinese. Some maybe interested to do the same for their children. But I need to tell you and your child this advise – The process is about as hard as walking bare foot on a path with lots of broken glasses. Every step is hard, every step is filled with pain and suffering. So for the faint heart and the weak mind, just accept your result and swallow your defeat.

And for those who dare to put blood and sweat to challenge your fate, You need to stay true to your words for as long as 8 months till the end of PSLE. But I will tell you, the effort and the result will be proportional, the more you pour into the journey, the more you will reap.

Do this daily to WIN in PSLE Chinese Language:

And If you still think you can do it, start for a week:-

1) Read 1 paragraph from chapter 1 (6A textbook) and record them down as proof. Every day read 1 paragraph.
2) Write the word, hanyu pinyin, meaning and compose a sentence with the word on a note book. do it for 3 words (do for all reading (shi du) and writing (shi xie) words) Every day. For 7 days you should complete chapter one of 6A text book and have a notebook of your own.
3) read 1 sentence from a good Chinese composition book from the first composition. and read out 1 sentence every day.

So total time spend everyday to revise Chinese is just about 30-45 minutes.

“Do, or Do not, there is not try!”

Master Yoda told Luke Say Walker

From Mr Tan