Questions and answers for PSLE Oral Chinese ebook


I will come up with the updated PSLE Chinese Oral ebook with all the scripts for the past years PSLE Chinese Oral questions and all the scripts that I used with my students. interested or have questions can comment below, thank you.

below is the Link for all the topics in past year psle oral.

* I have amended the questions to my style as the questions are what I would ask students if I am the examiner. The answers are how AL1 students would answer those questions without hinting or prompting.

About Spotting Topics

If you spot on last year oral topic, so what? I spot on too!!!!! My website has save water!

And sorry I don’t believe in spotting questions I believe in training of critical skills and aquire vocabulary needed to answer all type of questions.


Why make another ebook? Why PSLE Chinese Oral?

Because Oral is coming shortly and you have time to prepare for it And

This guide book will consists of three major parts:-

A) Why and How to study for your PSLE Chinese Language paper 3.

B) 7 Topics common to Oral Conversation with answer script.

C) **Past year oral topics from 2017 to 2021 with answer scripts. You can get the topics easily but none will share with you the questions likely asked and the possible answers to them.

Good luck! Just click for sample pages.

(**The questions are paraphrased or changed a bit for the general audiences.)

Oral Conversational Scripts, Are they really needed?

take a look at a typical script in answering a common question.
The script:


首先,学校可以举办世界水源日,让学生们认识到水是一种珍贵的资源,也是有限的,非常宝贵的,这样还可以培养学生养成节省用水的好习惯。他们以后洗手或洗澡时, 会在搽肥皂时关掉水龙头,尽量节省水,不会浪费水。



Now compare this to the answer you get from your child, which one can score?

Typical students answer


因为这样做可以培养学生养成节省用水的好习惯。他们以后洗手或洗澡时, 会尽量节省水,不会浪费。

I used scripts for quite a long time now and all my students learnt to use the script they learnt and come up with answers even if topic is not the topic they learnt.