Question and Answer for PSLE Chinese Oral Ebook part 2

Why my teachers talking in front of me in my Oral examination?

When your teachers are discussing in front of you in the oral examination, They need to agree on your marks together so do not be worry. Its normal.

At the end of oral examination and your teacher asked you if you have anything to add on, just know that its a normal question. And you can say no.

When your teachers are asking more questions than your friend, its normal too. Asking more means your answers are not enough to score well and your answer to the extra questions can produce more marks.

When you do not know to answer the question, do the simple script? (please follow the 旁白 hint)

1st question: what did you see in the video (who, do what, why, what is the right thing to do)

2nd question: How you do what the theme want?

(how to do this how to do that)

3rd Question: How your school encourage pupils to do what the theme wants?







How to handle stress in oral examination?

1, remember to always visualize your examination when you are in the 10 minutes preparing for the oral examination.
2, 1 Day before examination, speak in Chinese only.
3, breathing deep 5 counts before the examination.
4, Practice script in front of mirror or friend/mum seven days before exmination.