PSLE Chinese Wordlists for student by students: why I wrote the wordlist

When I was teaching my pupils, I discovered that they are not familiar with the words in the textbook and lack vocabulary, so I lead them to write out all the words in every chapter in the textbook (new textbook) in a notebook. I standardize the format of writing and make it into a exercise to revise all the words in the primary 5 and 6 textbook daily. In 3 months time One can complete the 500-600 words in p5 to p6 and I let the pupil read any 3 pages daily after that testing a few times to make sure they follow through the daily reading.

After 6 months, they response that their comprehension improved due to better understanding of the words and composition misspelling are greatly reduced improving their compo marks too. The improvement in their vocabulary after making the 3 months of notes and the constant revision till PSLE have helped all of them at least PASS their PSLE Chinese.

This note that I make them write is the New wordlist that I have written for students, its the easiest way students can increase their vocabulary in Chinese language in the shortest time ever!

Its much easier to understand then handbooks, more details then school wordlists and its written for students by students.

If you are going for PSLE Chinese this year, you can intensify the workload by reading 10-15 words a day and complete the whole 2 years of words list in 2 months just in time for oct examination.

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New Word List for Primary 5 and 6 New Primary Chinese textbook

Vocabulary is king!