Should you take Higher Chinese in Primary school and Secondary?

Should you take higher Chinese?

What is higher Chinese?
Higher Chinese is advanced Chinese which has like 20-30% more words than standard Chinese and the test paper requires a higher level of mastery of comprehension and composition.
And it does not affect psle score that much. It gives +3 for distinction, +2 for merit and +1 for pass. Furthermore it works only and only if you applied for a SAP school.

In fact you could use the time to improve any subject by 3 marks easily.

What’s the requirements for higher Chinese?
Most school will let you opt in higher Chinese if you got 70 and above in standard Chinese in primary 4 or 5.

What does higher Chinese meant for my workload?
You will have extra 3 lessons most properly after school required. You will learn higher order thinking questions and more composition phrases. You need to take an extra composition and paper 2 for higher Chinese. That is you have one more examination date. You will have spelling which would be geared towards higher achiever with lots of sentences and phrases. You need to write fast.

Should my child take Higher Chinese?
If you meet the three requirements below, then take higher Chinese:-
1, Chinese 70 and above
2, going to sap school
3, can handle extra Chinese homework load. Or at least like Chinese.

How helpful is taking Higher Chinese in Primary?
Secondary school Chinese actually focus on comprehension, oral, and composition (no more picture composition, theme based preferred). Higher Chinese in PSLE has higher order thinking comprehension questions and themed based composition required in secondary school Chinese language.

Whats the benefit of taking HCL in Primary and secondary school?
In primary school hcl offer up to 3 points for PSLE score for entry to sap sec school. (your results need result to be top 30% of whole population of students.)

For secondary school, hcl has 2 points bonus to entry to JC and hcl is considered in language subject. Furthermore some JC do not require Chinese in JC if you passed hcl in secondary school.

Do PSLE Higher Chinese help with Chinese subjects?
Yes and No. Higher Chinese focus on composition and Comprehension while Chinese focus on words and sentences. Because the focus is different, you need to study different things for the two subjects.

How do you know if you need to avoid taking Higher Chinese?
If your results is not good or Chinese language cannot cope or you are not going to SAP School, avoid taking higher chinese.