What are the changes to PSLE Chinese from 2017 to 2020?

(A) 2017 Chinese PSLE Changes to new 2017 Format with Video conversation in Oral examination.
The weightage of each papers are not changed.

The changes is the oral now has eOral video conversation to replace picture oral and conversation.
Paper 2 has more mcq questions and section B is reduced to 7 questions with 22 points with new higher order questions and all comprehension questions are 3-4 points, slightly higher points than old format.
Section A has 50 points and section B has 40 points.
Listening comprehension paper has reduce passages but increased higher order thinking questions.
Paper 1 composition remain the same.

(B) 2020 primary 6 change textbook.
Primary 6 are using old textbook in 2019 and the changing of textbook started in 2015 with changing of the primary 1 textbook. 2020 is the final year of the change of the new textbook for primary 6 students.
The direct influence for 2020 PSLE Chinese and Higher Chinese is the changing of the new words and phrases, sentence construction and introduction of examination techniques in primary 3-6 textbooks. Examination techniques for oral, listening comprehension, comprehension and composition are progressively added in the textbook. This was suppose to help students learn not only knowledge, also examination techniques.
The xuele website is here.

New textbook theme song
primary one B textbook

(C) 2021 PSLE adopt new psle scoring system with new grades AL1 to AL8. And new secondary school admissions program. So sec school will have a different cut off point system too.

In conclusion, 2020 PSLE Chinese introduced new textbooks, but the format is the same as last year. So please prepare accordingly. Thank you.