The first step – Baby steps to win PSLE Chinese

First Step

The First step to pass or ace PSLE Chinese is to sit down and write down The Result for all the subject that you want for example if you want to get into express then every subject 75 or AL4 is minimum. So you would write down

Eng 75, CL 75, Math 75, Science 75.

Then take your last year SA2 result as followed

Eng 65, CL 49, Math 75, science 90.

And you check the difference that you need to make up for

for example

Eng +10, CL +26, Math 0, Science excellence!

Normally to catch up 10 marks you need to work at least 1 hour daily, 20 marks you need to work 1.5 hours daily, more catching up then you need to allocate more time to your daily work.

Now a lot of you will become negative and start complaining, grumbling etc. That’s normal because most of the time students who fail to excel because they DID NOT PUT IN THE EFFORT AT ALL in the first place. Just assure yourself that success is for the ones who finish their daily work. And the daily work is super easy, so easy any primary 1 student can do it.
And Challenge yourself to complete 1 week of work.

Note: Make sure the work allocated is super easy so that the first week is super easy. No drilling, no worksheets and no SLS, do simple things like read a sentence, write a sentence, remember a sentence, know a word, write a sentence about a word etc.
And Write down whatever you learn in a notebook to check progress:

write a sentence, write its meaning,
write a word, write down hanyu pinyin, write meaning, write sentence with word.etc

And after a week, reward yourself with a break.

The key here:
*we want to build a daily studying habit so that you will continue to get good results thereafter.

After knowing how much to improve and what is required, that next step is to……..Know your paper and conquer it with strategy! However its Not the normal way but with ways proven by brain research and memory tactics.

*You reap what you sow, that is no way you are going to get free food!

Now go and study 3-5 words daily for 1 week and we will see you with step 2!

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comment with all the words you studied in the 7 days.*i should see like 21-35 words!